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10 must-have hair care products

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Specializing in KEVIN.MURPHY hair products over the years as well as joining the team of km educators, I have learn a vast amount of knowledge with depth about this line to ensure what you are taking home with you is right for you, whats inside the bottle and how it is to be properly applied and used on your hair.

My top ten products of this line as my go to at home "skin care for your hair" are:


A weightless leave-in treatment oil infused with Immortelle to counteract the oxidization and aging process. Indulge yourself with intensely conditioned smooth, soft hair. Apply daily to infuse hair with shine and protection from heat and the environment.


A super smoothing and hydrating line for hair that just cannot be repaired or hair that is naturally dry that lives in a very dry climate. it will nourish dry hair and make split ends unrecognizable. This formulation is packed with antioxidants as this gives the hair a healthy glow and stops the hair from losing any more moisture.


Provides a tough hold and rough matte texture for short and choppy looks. This product has the advantage of being easy to get from a jar and sets on contact. it gives you a little time to work the look the it sets.


Get "a day at the beach hair" with this fragrant volumising beach hair spray. Honey, Cirtus and Tangerine make this spray essential for messy sexy surfer girls and boys.


A dry shampoo for the hair that removes doors, excess oil, and all your sins from the night before. For every can of every can of FRESH.HAIR sold, a financial contribution will be made to help reduce global carbon emissions.


This aerosol provides a firm, weightless lasting hold with natural fragrance oils and UV shield for colour protection. Firm hold styling resins provide intense hold and memory with excellent resistance against high humidity, allowing brush ability with no flakiness.


Set the right tone, and work to restore optimum condition and lustre to brassy blah blah, blonde hair. BLONDE.ANGEL conditions and moisturizes bleached, highlighted and grey hair, while repairing any brassy or yellow tones.


Want a "doo" that packs volume and hold, but with a softer look and feel... DOO.OVER is everything you desire and yet so much more - its a "hair-doo" in a can! DOO,OVER is a dry powder finishing spray in-one, that allows for natural movement, yet holds everything in just the right place. the end result is your dream 'doo with a soft, velvety finish, that smells so good you'll be turning heads for all the right reasons.


So much more then a 70's pop song...STAYING.ALIVE is our high-performance leave-in, oil free treatment, that instantly helps repair damaged or colour-treated hair. Enriched with silk proteins to help smooth and repair damage, and packed with antioxidants, this weightless mist of goodness promotes elasticity int the hair and helps overcome dryness and static, while teasing its way through tangles with easy.


As the name implies... this is body in a bottle. Created using using eyelash thickening and lengthening technology, BODY.MASS helps strengthen the hair, while imparting a fullness and thickness that gives you a beautiful body and bounce. Richly formulated with Oleanolic Acid, our leave-in plumping treatment helps fortify and strengthen eat the roots to help prevent hair ageing.

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