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Did you know I have a pH.D!? by KEVIN.MURPHY'S - NEWEST tool in colouring that is :))

Just like most of my guests, I am a KEVIN.MURPHY fanatic!

So during this crisis pandemic we are all going through right now, I thought I would take some time out to do a write up on the NEWEST tool of the K.M colour world. This product is going to be the game changer for all of my guests when it comes to their colour and the best care for your hair! After all, we all know when all of this is over, we will be rushing around getting everything that has been put on hold, done and checking off our list of the to do...which at that time I feel will be a fairly large list, am I right? So I wanted to bring back nothing but the best from guests to help their much needed attention in the hair department, something that will amp up their service and what they have all been waiting for!

Introducing the "cutting-edge technology and a proprietary ingredient blend, pH.D gives colourists the ability to transform oxidative colour into a gentle acid colouration creating limitless colour possibilities" ....WOW does that sound amazing!... but you must be wondering what the heck that really means from a client's perspective?

Well in the words of KEVN.MURPHY it "gently refines, refreshes and balances colour while delivering long lasting brilliance and shine for colour" ...meaning your colour not only will be shinier and healthier but will also allow your colour to last longer! Not only that but it will protect your hair texture, won't lift your natural colour and lastly is as easy as an application at the sink for quick effects with BIG impacts! Who else do you know that can stand behind their colour, tools of our industry and stylist to say this...I think this is pretty huge.

Along with all that great stuff I just mentioned I am also going to give you the base ingredients that you will find which helps create this amazing product...."because, product junkie." In pH.D you will find a blend of lemongrass, sweet orange and grapefruit. Along side vitamin C which helps to support pH levels and for colour retention. Now doesn't that have you excited for when things start back up to sit my chair, and let me deliver the best of my industry at the ready of my fingertips for all our hair journeys to continue!

Leave me a comment below on thoughts, questions or comments on this exciting new product or service you would like to receive using pH.D by KEVIN.MURPHY.

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