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Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Have you ever had a hard time describing your hair goals to me or your stylist?

That’s why I love when clients bring in an inspirational photo, but also have an open mind about realistic hair goals.

Here’s why: the word “inspiration” is the main part of this journey. To have an end goal of what you like about the photo is great and what draws a person to be attracted to it. This is what we use as the inspiration part about the whole process. As each and every one of us is unique and different, we must keep in mind that this is why something will never be exactly the same. The starting points of what you have colour length / colour history / fullness or texture are also major parts to consider. This is also what makes it truly special and allows the creative mind to flow best to customize all these elements together.

Making it your/ our own is the custom parts we design to have something no one else will have. Using what we have to work with, an end goal/ budget and time frame added with the inspiring photo are all parts of this journey that play their own roles. When all put together it can create something beautiful, sought after and customized to fit the inspiration we first started with, creating something beautiful!

Does this make things more helpful when thinking about your hair goals?

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